7 Animals that are the Best Moms on the Planet!

7 Animals that are the Best Moms on the Planet!

They say that motherhood is the greatest blessing. Though they forget to mention the scars motherhood brings along, the insecurities it makes you encounter and the fear of failure. Why is that so you may wonder? Well, there is a thing in nature - it makes you forget, forget all the pain. A mother adores and cherishes her baby just for the fact that he/she exists.

1. Koala

Koala Mom and Baby Art

Did you know that a koala joey stays close (like really close!) with mother until he turns one, sometimes even longer.

2. Lion

Lioness and Cub

Lioness are cub protector. They keep them safe from predators. The lion prides also rely almost entirely on the lionesses to hunt for food. A lioness is able to wait until there is enough food to feed a hungry cub before giving birth.

3. Sea Otter

"Sea otter moms invest so much energy in raising their pups that they risk their own survival, a new study suggests." - National Geographic

4. Gorilla

Gorilla mothers have very strong bonds with their infants, and provide complete care for them during their first few years, starting with carrying them everywhere against their chest, and then later having them ride on their backs. 

5. Fox

Fox parents are dedicated. Fox pups are born blind and don't open their eyes until nine days after birth. The mama fox keeps them close in the den for a little more than half a year before she lets them venture out. When youngsters stay on, they often remain subordinate to the parents and help with the raising of the next generations.

6. Tiger

Tiger Mom and Baby

Tigress spends a lot of time bonding with her cubs. This wild cat has the power to take down any predator, but is gentle and controlled enough to play with her soft fuzzy baby.

7. Dolphin

Dolphin Mom and Baby Watercolor Art

Newborn dolphin calves often attempt to swim synchronously with their mothers. Mother dolphins can fetch their calves, not only by pursuing them physically but acoustically signalling them to return. During sleep, calves keep visual contact with their mother by positioning the side with an open eye next to her. How adorable is this!

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