Crystal Ho, Watercolor Artist behind Triple Studio

My Story

Well, hello there! I'm Crystal Ho, the artist behind Triple Studio who has been painting the beauty and charm of animals since 2009. When I am not painting, drawing, or working graphic magic on the computer, I like to explore in the forest, hang out with my little ones, or snuggle up in a cozy blanket. Everything you find here is made with love and fueled by the cuteness of animals!

I believe animals exhibit a kind of personal magnetism that is quite compelling. Animals simply have a way of being adventurous and fun: visually, figuratively, and literally.

My 3 wishes

I hope the warm and vibrant animal friends in my artwork can:

✨ capture smiles wherever they go

✨ spark imagination

✨ remind us to cherish our amazing planet and its beautiful creatures.

About Triple Studio

All of the products you’ll find here at Triple Studio are exclusively made, packed and shipped to you from our studio in Vancouver, Canada. They are produced when you order them, on-demand, to avoid waste and keep our business sustainable. We go out of our way to use only the highest-quality materials and processes. It is our passion and purpose to produce quality products that we use ourselves and exceed your expectations.

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